About The Artist

Explore, experience and practice creativity as a means to wellness

Art is a tool to express boundless imagination. Playing with colours, experimenting textures, mediums and exploring compositions is a fun process and it gives me opportunity to bring joy to friends and loved ones through my art. As my art work evolved, my expression to communicate freely with color and inner emotions eased me to create interesting abstracts. 

My Story 

Hi,  I am Aruna Chagarlamudi.

Welcome to my home of vibrant colours, form and texture!

I enjoy painting in a variety of mediums, oil, acrylic and pastel.  My inspiration comes from range of subjects and themes,  like colourful dances, expressive moments of little girls, reflections on water, movement in clouds, fall colours and beautiful landscapes.  


My imagination of images, landscapes, and playing intuitively with colours and textures make a unique abstract.  I freely loosen up from standard techniques and enjoys the making of abstract. Creativity with emotions connects me to inner world which shows up as unexpected abstract with confidence.   


I attended art lessons at Ottawa school of art in 2003 and still enjoy attending various workshops led by visiting and local artist to explore various techniques and mediums.   My passion for art has become an integral part of my life and so I continue to express through colours and images in my semiabstract and abstract paintings.